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Elementary school boys take pictures together after Confucius Birthday Ceremony.
Elementary school boys play Pa Yi Dance (eight dancers in eight rows) in Confucius Ceremony for his birthday. The dancers stand in rows on the stage with the left hand holding the Yue, and the right hand holding the Di. The handle of the De is 3 feet long, and decorated with the colorful paints on the dragon head. It's for decorating instrument for the dance. The Yue is 2 feet long, and originally it was a pipe (the musical instrument made by bamboo), now, it is also the decorating instrument for the dance. In the mouth of the dragon head of the Di, there are 3 feathers of the robin's tail. They will be waved in the dance. According to the Chinese ancient customs, the feather of the robin's tail is the most beautiful for all. Therefore, it's taken for showing the highest respects to Confucius, Taiwan.